Stuff I Would Do if Elected to the Board of the Hanover Co-op

Reports from management to the board should be available to members absent an articulable and legitimate basis for keeping specific portions confidential.

A joint Board-Management task force should develop a merchandising transparency initiative calculated to give members an understanding of the Co-op’s pricing policies and financial realities.

The Co-op should keep faith with the disclosure obligations enshrined in the Bylaws by applying New Hampshire’s public records and public meetings laws to member requests for access.


The Board should continue to use Policy Governance because, practiced well, the model promotes Board effectiveness and management accountability.  But the Board must learn to practice PG effectively, which means mastering the unmastered challenge of policy monitoring.

Board leadership should allow all Board members to place items on the agenda, should permit Board members to make motions on issues of interest to them, and should encourage voting on such proposals rather than using parliamentary maneuvering to thwart such decisionmaking.


All Board members should be civil and respectful to one another and, in particular, the men on the Board should be mindful of how they treat the women on the Board.

Our Board should reach out to the boards of other food co-ops and organize a national board-level inquiry about the future of the “virtual chain” presently embodied by the National Cooperative Grocers Association.

The Board should re-examine, strengthen as necessary, and vigorously monitor management performance with the Board’s policy requiring fair treatment of Co-op employees.

The Co-op should leave decisions on unionization to employees but should encourage rather than discourage employee consideration of unionization.  At the same time, the Co-op should study the feasibility of converting to a “solidarity” co-op jointly owned by consumers and workers.

The Board should require management to reach a prompt and fair settlement agreement in pending wrongful discharge litigation.

I will work respectfully and collaboratively with every Board colleague.  As someone well-versed in Policy Governance, I will help colleagues craft proposals even when I do not agree with them.

My candidacy can be summarized by three words:  Transparency, Accountability, and Kindness.