Meet Me in Minneapolis in November!

I am very pleased to be attending the second annual Co-op Professionals Conference, being organized by the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA).  In fact I have the honor of facilitating the introductory session -- a "co-ops 101" gathering for those who need the basics.  The conference is in Minneapolis from November 9 to 11.   Here is the schedule

Last year's conference was a fabulous opportunity to meet fellow lawyers and accountants from around the country who are helping co-ops do their work and are interested in strengthening the cooperative sector of our economy.  I learned a lot and left feeling like I am part of a national community of like-minded professionals.  So, if you're into co-ops and want to learn all about the legal and financial aspects of them, and hang around with some fabulous people in a great city, this conference is for you.  See you there!